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Introducing The Eco-Perspectives Podcast0

Episode 0: The Eco-Perspectives podcast inspires and empowers the next generation of environmental leaders by exploring innovative solutions and practical advice with leading figures in the environmental sector, with a focus on youth involvement and impact.

New Beginnings - A Talk with Lisa Gautier (CEO of

Episode 1: In the inaugural episode of The Eco-Perspectives Podcast, I talked with Lisa Gautier—CEO of Matter of—about the experiences that shaped her passion for environmental conservation, as well as current climate issues and what Matter of Trust is doing to combat them. We also talked about recent developments in environmental innovation, with an underlying focus on the significance of youth in catalyzing impact.

Youth in Water Activism - A Talk with Lofty-John Anyanwu (Nigerian Water Activist)2

Episode 2: In the second episode of The Eco-Perspectives Podcast, I talked with Lofty-John Anywanwu about his grassroots movement for water activism in Nigeria. We also explored the challenges he encountered while driving environmental reform in Nigeria, and actionable insights for youth interested in similar projects.

Sustainability in Refugee Camps - A Talk with Adam Moussa (Environmental Innovator in Lebanon)3

Episode 3: In this episode of The Eco-Perspectives Podcast, I talked with Adam Moussa—an environmental innovator in Lebanon. We discussed his renewable energy innovations in refugee camps and primary healthcare centers, as well as his environmental education initiatives in Lebanese public schools. We also considered the main challenges faced by changemakers in Lebanon and the MENA region, and how to overcome them.

Solar Charities and Networking - A Talk with Juliana Bachtizina (Young Scientist and Changemaker in Poland)4

Episode 4: In this episode of The Eco-Perspectives Podcast, I talked with Juliana Bachtizina about her solar-energy charity for rural areas, and the challenges she faced while establishing it. We also highlighted the role of networking for youth-led social impact, and effective strategies to obtain mentors for specific projects.

Democratizing Environmental Education - A Talk with Cherry Sung (Environmental Entrepreneur and Activist in South Korea)5

Episode 5: In this episode of The Eco-Perspectives Podcast, I talked with Cherry Sung—an environmental activist in South Korea—about her work to democratize environmental education for marginalized communities through her international youth-led organization 'Greener is Cleaner' and as the Chairperson of the National Environmental Education Center Youth Steering Committee. We also talked about the various challenges associated with youth environmental advocacy, and the power of collaborative youth action on impacting institutional decision-making regarding climate action.

Youth Engagement in Sustainability - A Talk with Emily Zhu (Environmental Advocate in New York)6

Episode 6: In this episode of The Eco-Perspectives Podcast, I talked with Emily Zhu about her experiences as the founder of the Sustinere Organization, as well as her work on youth engagement with JJ Ecofriends. We also explored how to make a meaningful impact in one's community, and relevant opportunities to utilize for aspiring environmental changemakers.

Statistics and Environmental Politics - A Talk with Harold Xue (Chinese Environmentalist in the USA)7

Episode 7: In this episode of The Eco-Perspectives Podcast, I talked with Harold Xue—a student studying Environmental Science and Applied Math-Economics at Brown University—on the early experiences in China that shaped his interest for environmental science. We also discussed the impact of political polarization on climate policy and legislation, and how we can use interdisciplinary fields like statistics to tackle pressing topics within climate research.

Sustainable Architecture and Gender Inequality - A Talk with Athiya Junaid (Sustainability Advocate and Architect in Dubai)8

Episode 8: In this episode of The Eco-Perspectives Podcast, I talked with Athiya Junaid—an aspiring architect and sustainability advocate in Dubai—on her experiences as a speaker at various environmental conferences as well as an entrepreneur in sustainable fashion. We also discussed gender inequality within the construction industry, and the importance of networking for youth.

Paper Consumption and Data Science - A Talk with Carolyn He (Researcher and Environmental Advocate in New Jersey)9

Episode 9: In this episode of The Eco-Perspectives Podcast, I talked with Carolyn He about her work to reduce paper consumption in school worldwide through her organization 'A Sustainable Future', as well as her research to model the effects of organic waste disposal on different environmental indicators, which was used to pass a bill to advocate for more organic waste disposal. We also discussed how youth can overcome imposter syndrome and work within their community to initiate their journey in social and environmental impact.


Hosted by Aritro Chatterjee—a high school student and environmental advocate in Dubai—The Eco-Perspectives Podcast aims to inspire the next generation of changemakers through conversations with leading young environmental figures.

From scientists and students to activists and entrepreneurs, join us as we explore innovative solutions, discuss the latest environmental developments, and share practical advice on how youth can make a difference.


This podcast was created as part of Aritro Chatterjee's 2024 Rise project.

Rise is a program that finds promising young people and provides opportunity for life as they work to serve others. The program starts at ages 15-17 and encourages a lifetime of service and learning by providing support that includes need-based scholarships, mentorship, networking, access to career development opportunities, and the potential for additional funding as Rise Global Winners work toward solving humanity’s most pressing problems.


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Hey! I'm Aritro Chatterjee, a high school student and environmental advocate in Dubai. If you would like to learn more about this podcast or have any questions/comments, feel free to contact me using the information below.

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